Anti-electromagnetic silicon biomagnet, light blue with a radius of action of cm. 10 to the ball and stamped with L.A.M., to improve the water in the water system.



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H2O allows to break up the limestone clusters (lumps) that form in the water due to electromagnetic fields. The clusters already present in the pipelines crumble in a short time without others being reformed. To understand that this happens, it is sufficient to observe that there is a noticeable lower presence of stains and limestone halos on glasses, cutlery, pots and stainless sinks. Thanks to this, it is possible to use at least 30% less detergents, rinse aids and anti-calcareous products. You can also wash in the washing machine and dishwasher at a minimum temperature of 20 ° less, obtaining optimal results. Again, thanks to the crumbling of the clusters, the life of the water, plumbing and heating systems and the appliances that use mains water are lengthened for their operation (washing machines, dishwashers, steam irons, etc.) with a considerable reduction in costs refer to changes and their maintenance. Even the foods and drinks (soups, soups, coffee, herbal teas, etc.) cooked or prepared using water treated with H2O, improve organoleptically and the houseplants will grow more luxuriant if irrigated with home water. All this leads to significant savings in the management of the domestic economy. Born for domestic use, its use is also recommended for all those activities where drinking water is used for different purposes. It is used keeping in mind its range of action, which is 10 cm per ball, fixing it with an adhesive tape or band, or glue or silicone, on the outside of the main tube that carries water to the entire house, a tube that normally starts from the counter. If you do not know where the meter is, fix it on the general gate which is closed when there is a leak in the water system. It is advisable, after having positioned it, to let the water flow from all the taps for at least five minutes, so as to drain a good part of the clusters that were present.

We report that with the use of H2O, appropriately calibrated, entire municipal aqueducts were cleared. Its operation is 10 years minimum guaranteed. H2O is registered and is a Parafarmaco.

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